Welcome to

The Senior Citizens Council of Greater Augusta and the CSRA, Georgia, Inc.

Welcome to

The Senior Citizens Council

of Augusta, GA and the CSRA

What Does The Senior Citizens Council Offer?

Todays' “Senior Citizens” are redefining that term. Retirement is an option, aging is a state of mind, and becoming old is something that happens when you stop going, growing, learning, and following your dreams! The Senior Citizens Council, which was founded on March 6, 1968, is a chartered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization devoted to today’s seniors who are more active and involved than ever before, whatever their age! In fact, these are the seniors that are shaping the future of The Senior Citizens Council and our community by participating in the various programs and services we offer.

Through a nationwide network of volunteer programs called Senior Corps, we offer volunteer opportunities to income and age-eligible seniors who may earn a stipend while tutoring children or assisting frail or disabled adults.

Through our Advocacy Programs Department seniors are taking control of their lives by making informed decisions about healthcare and insurance, and finances, while turning the table on scam artists who foolishly believe seniors are easy prey.

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How Can I Help?

Not a senior citizen, but would like to support The Senior Citizens Council? Click here to find the many ways you can be of assistance.

Seniors - Get Involved!

Are you a senior citizen interested in the programs we offer or becoming a volunteer? Click here for more information.

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