Making A Difference In Your Community



  • "Ms. S was extremely helpful in the classroom by assisting students with their academic, emotional, and social development." -Volunteer Station's School Counselor
  • “Overall this student increased 109% in reading and 124% in math. *R is a student who had not attended any school prior to entering 1st grade. With *Mrs. C’s assistance, she has increased in reading to above grade level as measured by i-Ready [scores]. However, that isn’t her only accomplishment. She began 1st grade extremely shy, without confidence and had no ability to play with others. Thanks to Mrs. C, she is now a happy, playful, and confident student. Mrs. C is the best. Mrs. C has become a staple in this teacher’s classroom, as she has requested Mrs. C assigned to her room for six academic years in a row. Ten out of 10 of Mrs. C’s focus students in this classroom met or exceeded their reading goals; 6 out of 10 met or exceeded their math goals.
  • “*K only scored 298 on her reading diagnostic at the beginning of the school year. After working with *Mrs. L, this school year, her reading score increased by 152 points and her math score increased by 71 points. This is a major improvement because she scored the lowest [in the class] at the beginning of the year and the highest at the end!”